East Asian Media VIP


Photographs by Lilly Ada Rizvi (“Kōjō Moe Photo Zine,” 2020)

What is the East Asian Media VIP?

This is a 50-minute weekly seminar group that is run like a Japanese “zemi,” or graduate seminar. Students produce a research project or creative project on a topic related to East Asian media, broadly defined. This could be a translation of a Chinese short story, an analysis of Japanese films, a short documentary on social movements in Okinawa, etc. Transnational, comparative, and collaborative projects are welcome; there is also camera and sound equipment available for media projects. The group meets weekly to discuss assigned readings and to discuss project progress. At the end of each semester we will host an Asian Media @ Tech Symposium to present our projects to the wider community. Here is a feature on our VIP.

What is a VIP?

A VIP or Vertically Integrated Project is a way for students from the undergrad to graduate levels to work with a professor on ongoing, collaborative, and interdisciplinary research.

What do we talk about?

Each year we will focus on a different theme related to East Asian media. 2020-2021 will be “East Asia and the Future.” Our readings discuss how Chinese, Japanese, and Korean speculative literature and film articulate fears, anxieties, dreams, and desires about the future of the Pacific region. Student projects are encouraged but not required to connect to this theme.

What kind of projects do we do?

Student projects include Japanese fantasy and science fiction translations, a comparative study of cross-cultural reception of Chinese science fiction, a thesis on Japanese ceramics, and a digital zine exploring the Japanese photography art form, “kojo moe,” or “factory affect.” Faculty projects include an anthology on New Asian Fantasy, the Global Media Fest, and a forthcoming interactive online global science fiction magazine. Students are invited to enquire about helping with the faculty projects if interested. Please click here for some examples of student projects.

How do I apply?

The deadline for Fall 2020 is 8/20/20. Undergraduates apply here. Graduates apply here. If you have any other questions, please contact the faculty lead, Amanda Weiss.